Fuck you, Yoda

With all due respect to “Star Wars,” I really don’t like Yoda’s attitude toward life. I am talking about his famous saying:
Do. Or do not. There is no try.
I mean, maybe if you are an old wise dude who knows how this world works, it is pretty easy to take action. But for us — normal people who just want to figure out our own way in life — it is kind of off.
That’s why I prefer the opposite attitude:
You don’t have to make a weird choice between doing or not doing. Just try and see how it will go.
When you do or do not do something, it is a commitment. And it is extremely difficult to make this commitment and live your whole life with it. But when you try to do something, you are kind of making an experiment. In this case, you don’t make any commitments. You just try it out and see how it is going.
Sometimes you’ll lose, sometimes you’ll succeed. But usually, it’s worth it.

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