How to Work on Pet Projects

Even though I have a full-time job, I always find time for my small pet projects. This has been the case in all my jobs, from the first one onward. At different times, these projects have ranged from something simple like blog, newsletter, or Instagram account to real-world businesses like a book subscription box, podcast, and an online zine about productivity and mental health.

I’ve never had trouble finding time or motivation to work on my projects. Now, I want to explore why this is the case and why I still enjoy building something outside of my daily job. And maybe you will find it useful.


First of all, I don’t think time is ever an issue. Even now, when I have a newborn baby, I can still find a few minutes each day to work on interesting projects. Recently, I finished working on Poetronika, and now I am already working on another exciting service.

I’m sure everyone can find 20-30 minutes or a little more each day to work on something amazing.


It’s much better to spend 20 minutes on your project every day than a few hours once a month. At least, this is what works for me. I know that if I don’t commit to doing something every day until it is finished or until I am satisfied, I won’t do it at all.

So, baby steps every day. This is how I grow my projects.


I think it is very important to share your projects because feedback from others can help you improve them or confirm that you got it right from the start.

If you expect people to pay for your project, it is crucial to understand from the beginning that you are building something that people actually need (and are ready to pay for).

So, once you are satisfied with the look and feel of your project, ship it and share it with others. It will motivate you to build more!


Now we are talking about something serious: fun. I am 100% sure that if I didn’t have fun building any of my projects, I would never have completed them. And I mean it.

Every project starts with an idea and a feeling—how much fun it will be to build it and share it with others. Most of the time, the entire process includes fun as well.

For me, having fun is essential. Otherwise, I wouldn’t build anything.

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