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It’s been almost two weeks since I got laid off, so it’s time to move on and set new goals. I’ve decided to follow a long-time passion and start working on my own projects to become self-employed.

This decision isn’t out of the blue.

I took my first steps in entrepreneurship after reading ‘$100 Startup’ by Chris Guillebeau in 2017. It taught me that I didn’t need any capital to bring my ideas to life. So I created a book subscription box, sending new books and themed presents to people who follow literary trends and want to get books as soon as they hit the shelves. It was quite a success. People ordered the boxes, and I connected with my clients. It was an amazing time.

It didn’t turn into anything crazy, but it could cover the bills.

After that, I launched a paid digital magazine about self-improvement and mental health. Again, I got a few hundred subscribers, which was incredible.

At that time, I worked as a content marketer and didn’t know how to code, so all my projects were done with no-code tools (which are almost always suck) or with the help of other developers.

Before moving to the US, I closed both projects to focus on my new life in a new country and my new career. But things have changed, and now I feel ready to return to entrepreneurship.

Now, I don’t have limitations — I know how to code and can create beautiful MVPs and ready-to-use projects. My marketing skills haven’t outdated, and I hope to effectively promote my products.

And most importantly, my wife helped me with both of these projects, and she supports me with my new idea as well. Oh, and I have a few new colleagues, including our newborn baby and this little guy:

So, my plan is simple. I want to get involved in the indie hacking community (talk to people, read books, explore), build and launch new projects, and see how it goes. Ideally, I want to move from unemployment to self-employment. I know the goal is ambitious, so I am focusing on baby steps first.

Right now I have three on-working projects — Dive Deep Books (it brought a few dollars already on affiliate links), Poetronika (I stopped believing in this project since it took too long to launch it) and Failure Hunt (it doesn’t have commercial potential right now, but can bring me profit in terms of getting known in community and getting inspired by other people).

First, I should launch another project and make my first dollar. I have many ideas, but I’ll start with something simple and see how it goes. I think I’ll launch it next week.

I will share my progress here and on X/Twitter.

Wish me luck!

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