What is hard work?

Lots of books, podcasts, blog posts, and random stories are always talking about hard work. If you are a hard worker, you can achieve anything. If you want success, you should work hard. Work hard, and you will get everything you want.

But what does it mean exactly, to work hard?

I worked in six different companies and met lots of different people. Some of them considered themselves hard workers because they spent 12+ hours in the office. Others thought the same because they could complete all their assigned tasks before the deadline. There were even people who did literally nothing, but they were really good at communicating how hard they were working, and everybody believed them.

So what the hell does it mean to work hard?

I still don’t know the universal answer to this question. But I decided that, from my perspective, hard work is the ability to do a little bit more than everyone thought (including yourself) you could do.

hard work

To work on your own project after doing well in your day job. Accomplishing three more tasks in the sprint than your team expected. Creating a few additional features or setting up a discussion after the launch of a new project. All of these are great examples of a hard-working person.

And I hope it will pay off one day.

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